PMA 07: Digiframe — best frames in show


Of all the digital frames I saw in my rounds of the small vendors, the folks at Digiframe had the ones I’d most care to have sitting on my desk.

Their ‘Sovereign Series’ and ‘Designer Series’ frames were the real winners. 10.4-inch LCDs at 640×480, what stood out is that they actually look like nice frames! So many of these digital frames are wrapped in fugly, cheap, nasty borders. The Designer line has interchangeable borders, so you can pick the frame to suit the decor, and it also has some extra features like a built-in calendar, clock and alarm, as well as 256MB built-in memory. Both ranges take MMC, SD, MS, XD, and MD cards.

They play DivX too! So you can set one up as a sneaky video screen on your desk and claim it’s just a fancy frame for looking at some family photos.

By end of the month, the Sovereign Series will be $399, and the Designer Series $449.

More pics after the jump.