PMA 07: DIY high-art suits and frocks: fabric prints get easy


I’ve tinkered with screen prints and thermal prints and the rest, but getting a great result from your own designs is pretty hit and miss. There have been a few recent showings of fabric printing (I saw it at an HP show in Singapore a couple of years ago), but they’ve been slow to translate to fabrics actually being available for purchase.

Now Giclee Media Supplies are distributing a US fabric type, with its special coating that lets you drop it into a standard inkjet and go for it. They used the Epson 9800 on this example on their stand, and it looked awesome ” not my taste in a skirt, but I’m not one for pastels when I hit the town.

Apparently you can choose from lots of fabrics (this is a silk), or even send them your own which they will treat and add the necessary paper backing to (you remove the paper after printing, unless you like the feel of paper on your skin… no, I don’t want to know).

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