PMA 07: Kodak stand: cool digital frames


We mentioned the Digiframe frames earlier, which were hot. These are the best of the big name frames, and have some nice extra features on board.

Their frames are 16:9 widescreen format, which is a bit strange when photos aren’t really taken in wide format. But the screens do look good, and the frames are pretty good looking… though the annoying drill hole in the wooden frame is an eyesore (but they need it for infra-red control). Frames are interchangeable, and there is a whiteboard option for making notes or letting the kids go nuts (better to do that BEFORE you put it on the frame, or your LCD will soon be covered in special kid messages too).

Their 10-inch frame also as Wi-Fi (b/g) built-in. Memory is limited, just 128MB. But the prices are cheap ” 7-inch $199, 8-inch $299, 10-inch $399. Expected to arrive in August.