PMA 07: Kodak stand: cheap printing, but messy


The last bit of action we saw at the Kodak stand was their new home / small office printer line, expected here in Australia in Q4. It is already on the market overseas, so this wasn’t a preview model ” so when the demo went a bit messy, it was hard to discount it as a pre-production flaw.

The picture is of their ink system, which comes in two parts, black and colour. These are going to be priced about 50% less than most major brand inks. The print results looked very good on 6×4 photo paper, and the printer has a smart system to make it obvious when you have the photo paper in, and when you are using normal paper.

But it is also meant to detect which you are using, and adjust to print accordingly. Yet when we got a photo out on an A4 sheet, it came out very damp, with horrible banding across the print. Eeeek! Not exactly what they hoped to show me. They’ve got six months to show me again before it hits the market, I guess.