PMA 07: Lexar Flash all chromed up, and fast

pma-lexarUDMA300x-ed.jpgWe had a sit down with the Lexar folks at PMA to catch up on their latest offerings, and picked up a few interesting tidbits you may not have known:


  • Their new 300x gear is FAST. 45MB/s fast. And Lexar was keen to point out they don’t play with “up to” rubbish either. They rate their cards based on minimum sustained speed ratings.
  • Their pro cards come with Image Rescue 3, so you can recover lost/deleted images (and audio and video files) from memory cards of any brand using any reader. Nice. They also come bundled with Corel Paintshop Pro 10.
  • Their thumb drives are all chromed and sexy. And the Mercury has an e-Ink usage meter that shows how much capacity is left.


A few more bits on their UDMA compatible readers after the jump.



  • You’ll need a special UDMA reader to use with these 300x cards to get the benefit when uploading to your computer, unless you’re happy waiting forever for your card to copy.
  • Their new UDMA compatible dual-card reader will send up your data from two cards at once at full speed.