Fujitsu Lifebook Q2010: Can notebooks be too light?


Had a play with the Fujitsu Q2010 Lifebook last week. Quite frankly, it is nuts how light that thing is. The company says it is 1kg, and when dropped on a kitchen scales it came in just under that mark. To mash some Vanilla Ice, it’s light like a ninja, thin like a razor blade.

They’ve shed plenty off the body for when you’re on the move. The 12.1-inch wide body has no optical drive and very few ports. All these are built into a still very portable docking station that comes with the laptop.

This is very much about business, but business for those Patrick Bateman types who must have the best business card in town to stop themselves splitting heads open with an axe. More features, and the dock, after the jump.lifebookq2010-dock.jpg

The super light battery gives very short life, but the package comes with a 6-cell battery for much improved runs (Fujitsu claims 7-hours), and it really doesn’t add all that much bulk or weight.

One of the hottest features for VoIPy types is the dual digital array microphone, which combines with some software on board to give great noise suppression and echo cancellation.

And you get the fingerprint recognition spot for added biometric sex appeal.

AND titanium hinges. You know you’ve always wanted titanium hinges.

It isn’t a beast under the hood – 1.2GHz Core Solo – but I’m guessing this is sexy enough to have plenty of executives gagging for it. A bit rich for my taste at $3999, but it was never aimed at geeks like me.

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