Is this the best Rube Goldberg ever?

rubegoldberg-bt.jpgIt’s a promo for marketing virals by a marketing firm, but hot damn if it ain’t the sweetest piece of Rube Goldberg mayhem you have ever seen. You can’t fake that (without some even more time and money intensive CG).

My favourite part is the use of one mobile to call another on vibrate to get to the next step in the chain. That Honda ad is looking pretty tame by comparison. (And yeah, that photo is of the part where it shoots a dart at a board two rooms away – this ranges all over a two-storey house.)

Of course, this is meant to promote their virals. Isn’t a good viral easily shared? All I can do is share the link, and go to a lot of effort to take a grab of their video. Which is branded with their website, so it should have just been easily shareable anyway… I forgive them. This video is too good to hold a grudge.

The Contraption II Video [Baynham & Tyers]