Telstra selling 80Mbit/s wireless by 2010?

dogbiscuits.jpgTelstra claims they’re going to be ready to sell 80Mbit/s wireless broadband in 2010, if BigPond Chief Justin Milne’s words are to be believed. According to our good pals at, in a sales roadshow video he’s encouraging sales staff to start talking about these speeds to potential customers.

We launched with 3.6 megabits per second, we’re now up to 7.2, we’ll be 14.4 before you blink, next year up to 40, two years time after that up to 80, so this is really a paradigm shifter.

I as much as the next person, probably more, would love some stupidly high-speed ubiquitous wireless tubes to play in. But I’m prepared to eat my words printed out on dog biscuits if we have 80Mbit/s wireless access available at retail by Dec 31, 2010, 23.59.59.

I’m serious. If you’re reading, Craig, I’ll come down to Telstra HQ and do it for your amusement, too. Anyone over at Telstra willing to take up the other side of that bet – come to Giz HQ first business day of 2011 and eat some dog biscuits if it isn’t available? Will Justin put his mouth where his mouth is? Or maybe Rod will step up?

Telstra names date for 80Mbit/s broadband []