TiVo set to launch, and suck, in Australia


Seems there was a big fancy launch for the coming of TiVo to Australia (in ’08), and Giz wasn’t invited. Yeah, that happens. But that’s okay, because from what we’re seeing, it is going to suck like a Dyson.

If you haven’t heard: TiVo in 2008; distributed by Engin (the VoIP crew); all backed locally by Seven Media Group. Yes, that’s Channel Seven.

As soon as I heard Channel Seven is heavily involved, a long time advocate of treating EPGs with prejudice, things started to stink. Even if it wasn’t them – shouldn’t networks hate this stuff? It can skip their ads! At least, that’s what we hope, right?The good news out of all this is the claim there is agreement now on a universal EPG. BUT… even at that, it sounds like this ‘universal’ guide won’t be universally accessible! So Seven / Ten still want to shut out Foxtel from their stuff, and Nine still probably wants to kick IceTV for ‘copyright infringement’ (could that be one of the most awful actions in the history of home entertainment?) These protectionist attitudes to program guides are disgusting! Do you want people to watch your channel or not? I watch all my TV off a PVR (I love Foxtel iQ) because I’m too busy to watch when they want me to. Apart from one or two absolute must watch shows on Seven and Ten, I never see anything they have to offer because of their refusal to participate in the Foxtel EPG. Seriously, what do they have to gain other than the growing ire of TV fans? That shit is what pushes people toward torrents, not back onto the couch at prime time.

Great quote from Foxtel on the announcement in the Fairfax coverage:

Foxtel said it “welcomes Seven to the 21st Century, finally dipping their toe into the water of digital television”.

Word on ‘the street’ suggests a low monthly fee rather than a purchase price. And with David Leckie, CEO of Seven, saying that:

Through TiVo, Seven will leverage our broadcast television and publishing businesses, [and]deliver new advertising and marketing solutions.

This is going to have all kinds of ‘new advertising opportunities’ built into your box – so . With so many good PVRs now available, and new media centre computers and other high featured (and networked) devices on the way, isn’t TiVo something of an anachronism? It led the charge in the US, but surely the future is all about choosing the box that suits you, and hooking into a universal EPG?

What do you think? Does it suck or just blow?

Official Site [MyTiVo]

Pre-doctored doctored image from Nyquist Capital