Apple screws APC on public ‘trade secrets’


Seems Apple’s doing its best to remind us that it can act like a dick toward Australian websites too. APC yesterday received a takedown over a story discussing new features in Leopard – regardless of the fact it was pro-Apple, and generally pointing out stuff that you can find out from Apple’s own site.

APC tried to tow the line firstly by dropping the images (which were said to be in breach of copyright of Apple’s software), but Apple came again with the news that even discussing Leopard constituted a misuse of trade secrets.

[Image Courtesy of Apple Inc.]:-)It must be said that APC has caved all too easily on this one. Surely such a flagrantly abusive legal threat deserves a show of spine – particularly from those with the funds to defend. How far up the chain was this passed before PBL decided it wasn’t worth the effort? Is the world of publishing going to be reduced to one where only a blogger with nothing to lose (I’m not saying that’s me, either… I have a kid!) stands up for editorial principles, while those with supposedly real power choose to keep their legal department out of the courtrooms?

How Apple controls the media: Legal threats and bullying. []
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