BigPond launches mobile TV

Hold that Torrent! Telstra has just launched a new “mobile TV” service that lets Next G users download shows like Family Guy, Pimp My Ride, South Park and The Chaser’s War on Everything to their mobile. Can you believe it? Video. On your mobile. Full-length episodes cost $4.95 each and can be viewed for up to seven days, while short clips are 50c a pop and can be viewed for 24 hours.

So let’s get this straight. You could buy a DVD with four episodes of South Park from ezydvd for $12.95 – a box that you can keep forever and pass on to your grandchildren and grandchildren’s grandchildren, or you could download a single poxy episode of South Park onto your mobile, with resolution the size of a postage stamp, compression artifacts out the whazoo and can only be viewed for seven days for $4.95?

What’s Telstra smoking? Because I want some. Big names for BigPond’s mobile TV [SMH]