Breakfast Wrap: Best of the weekend

wrap-burnttoast.jpgGood Morning Giz AU! Nice to be home. Thanks a truckload to Jenneth for holding the fort last week, too. Hope you all took something from having a woman around the place for a while. And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Breakfast Wrap turned up on Saturday, too.
As a parting gift, Jen helped make sense after a big Friday night of Giz.

MIT harness the power of shopping mall zombies.
If our feet end up driving the power for the shops, will they pass cost savings onto us consumers? Hmmm?

Virgin launches 3G-based phone and broadband service for the home.
Hip! Hip! Hooray for more options!

Toshiba’s UWB wireless laptop dock.
Docking at home without actually plugging in? A little fluffy slice of heaven!

YouTube to auto block content very soon.
By ‘the fall’. How appropriate.

Best Space Walks in History.
These photos totally give me the heebie jeebies.

First device for viewing living biological cells.
You’d think they’d already done this. So it’s a pretty serious breakthrough.