Facebook blocks Gay names, but Donkey Dick is fine

hello-nametag.jpgNews from New Zealand, and featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, is that it seems current social networking flavour-of-the-month Facebook has banned the use of the word Gay as a name – a resounding piss off to anyone who happens to have such a name.

The stories cover the use of Gay as a surname. Well we ran a few tests here this morning and found Gay was blocked as a first name as well, which means I won’t be bumping into one of my university lecturers on Facebook anytime soon.

We had no problem with the common surnames Cocker and Raper. The not so common Gaydar was fine too. We were even able to register an account as Donkey Dick (Cock doesn’t get a pass, though). So little doubt it is ‘Gay’ that has been blacklisted, even though it is a lot more common than many other innuendos and jokes you can slip past the system. Anyone spot other real names that are barred?

Facebook blocks ‘Gay’ surname.