Giveaway: Sony. Experience More – Friday Winners


Big congratz to James A, Greg, Grace L, James Lee, Eddie, Andrey Y, halfabrain, sam, Woosoo Choi, james, Mikey, tony, Rob S, Mathew, Hermes, Pete, Brad Alchin, Adam K, Michael, Ken Jackson, Nick Nikolas, Anthony, Paul Cunningham, Will, Tim, Tim Dann, Rick, Mark Troy, Big Nik, Sean, Pablo, Richo, sunny, Filip Lou, Bernhard and John Lee.

Your fast finger action’s paid off! Thanks everyone for your entries throughout the week. For those that missed out, we’ve got all your details and will definitely be in touch if people can’t make it.

Reminder to Monday – Thursday winners: you should have received an email from us last week so please reply if you haven’t already.
Oh, and to bbq (Tuesday winner) and poo (Thursday winner): you guys have given us undeliverable email addresses so please comment to this post with correct emails or else we’ll be giving your passes away!