Man Takes Out 6 Mobile Towers In APC Rampage


AU: What a day to be out of the country! Man, I wish I’d seen some of this live on TV. Here’s the US crew’s take on events…

A man who’d apparently had it up to here with his mobile phone carrier got in an armored personnel carrier and rammed six cell phone towers. He was arrested on the way to a seventh.

Since this went down in Sydney, Australia, you can rule out lousy AT&T reception on an iPhone as the cause, ditto for being “fired” by Sprint. Still, we certainly how how this poor bastard feels. Whatever particular moment of customer-service frustration triggered it, the damage was pretty massive, according to cops:

“He continued to destroy mobile tower communications sheds by crashing through the perimeter fence and colliding with structures, causing significant damage.”

The guy was charged with “malicious damage, break and enter, predatory driving and driving in a dangerous manner.” There’s nothing about theft of government property—could the tank actually belong to him? [CNN]
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