Mayor Tries To Limit Use of Subwoofers in Apartments


Clover Moore, Lord Mayer of Sydney, has spoken out about the use of subwoofers in apartments due to complaints of doof-doof-related illness.

“She says the low frequency noise caused vibrations and sensations within her body beyond the noise levels themselves, and that she suffered a series of associated health concerns including heart palpitations, nausea and vomiting, and inflammation of skin and other organs,” she said.

I have to admit, having my own walls shake whenever the next-door-neighbour has cranked the music up is a right pain in the backside, but I think trying to regulate subwoofer use goes a bit too far. I prefer an angry “Oi, turn it down!” with optional expletives depending on what time it is. Mayor Blasts Super Speakers That Give Out Bad Vibes [SMH]