Microsoft Is Offering Some Interesting Perks for Buying a PC With Copilot+

Microsoft Is Offering Some Interesting Perks for Buying a PC With Copilot+

Microsoft wants to convince you that a chip tuned for AI will all be worth it. Adobe, DaVinci, and CapCut are among the first apps to offer compatibility with the dedicated NPU inside the new Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processor running on select PCs. Windows also provides built-in perks for those who adopt a Copilot+ PC before anyone else.

In an announcement post coinciding with its Build developers keynote this week, Microsoft lists the apps it’s updated for Windows users ready to take the leap to an AI-first PC. Microsoft 365 apps like PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and everyone’s favorite, Teams, have been retooled for a native ARM experience. Microsoft promises they’re faster and “the best implementation.” (We’ll see about that when the laptops are reviewed.)

Windows 11 users will also have access to a new feature called Recall. Recall virtually stores snapshots of your last action on the PC, providing an “Undo” button wherever you are in the system. Windows will let you scroll across a timeline to pinpoint the spot you want to be resurrected.

Microsoft says Recall “leverages your personal semantic index.” The virtual snapshots are never uploaded to the cloud and can be deleted. A shortcut makes Recall easily accessible from the Windows taskbar.

If you use a Windows PC to be creative, the new Cocreater in Microsoft Paint can combine pen strokes and text prompts to help you make a graphic. It’s constructive when you need lead imagery and don’t have time to commission it. Once it’s generated, you can edit and tweak it as you please. The idea is to get some assistive help from the computer when you feel stuck.

Other apps with AI perks

Image: Adobe

Adobe is the first to very loudly support Microsoft’s future AI trajectory. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Express have been updated for the Snapdragon X Elite architecture. However, the company hasn’t released the features that will be exclusive to the Copilot+ PCs and laptops. Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and a few other Adobe apps will see an AI-infusion update later this year.

At least we know what the other apps are up to. DaVinci Resolve Studio will let you apply visual effects and objects with Magic Mask, which functions with the Snapdragon X Elite’s NPU. ByteDance’s CapCut will let you remove the background from any video clip with Auto Cutout, eliminating the need for a green screen. Cephable, which uses assistive technology, promises more responsive adaptive input controls for head movement and facial expressions due to the built-in NPU. LiquidText and djay Pro also offer exclusive features that use the NPU.

What about apps that aren’t ARM-based?

Microsoft, fortunately, has an emulator for that. Prism was explicitly made as a bridge for non-ARM-based apps to find their way, and it also received an update today. Microsoft claims it’s 20 percent faster than its previous emulator.

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