Aussies getting on the green power bandwagon


Seems we’re doing pretty well on the green power front. Contrary to standard political attitudes of “no one wants to pay more for their power”, it seems we’re already up around the 8% mark of home users who choose to pay extra to have their power attached to renewable sources. That’s double in the last six months. Efforts to date have removed the equivalent of 930,000 cars worth of emissions from the system.

Do you think this will make politicians see that more than a handful are eager to see environmental policy reforms? After all, not everyone can afford to choose to pay extra in this way (100% green can cost up to $400 extra per year) – others probably still don’t realise you can choose this option. Where are you at? Honk if you think windfarms are sexy! *HONK*

Public switched on to green power [SMH]