Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend


Kick start to the week with a whacking great bunch of best bits. More gems out there in the general mess too.

DIY telescope made with vinyl pipes and a large pot.
Made for easy transport. Clever stuff.

Cheapskate installs home A/C unit on roof of car.
I don’t think he’ll get much trade-in on that now.

1954 RCA TV wins Wired’s best gadget of all time poll.
Runner up: 1757 navigational system.

Trevor Bayliss’ Ecoplayer PMP.
He invented wind-up radio, now brings wind-up portable media – even video.

DirectX 10.1 royally screws DirectX 10 owners.
I was this close to buying an 8800GTX. Now I wait.

Google screws Google Video owners.
Case in point for why even BUYING DRMed videos can bite you in the butt.

Phase change memory: remember that name.
Flash memory could be obsolete before the end of the decade?