Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend


I’m still living amongst boxes, but I have a desk again and a couple of monitors to stare at. Here’s what happened in the meantime.

Scrolling LED number plates, use for good or for evil.
Bumper sticker for a new millenium.

UNI modular concept PC, like an iMac vomited inside out.
Great idea in a world of fast moving components.

World’s tallest escalator.
No, it won’t take you to meet your maker.

Drunk American Heroes create 535-foot slip and slide!
Hicksville’s answer to the Japanese escalator?

Boblbee solar case gives you infinite music.
Long as you find some sun… great take on the solar carry case (for your iPod nano).

Chip shortages force Nintendo to delay expanding Wii units.
So it remains – if you want one, grab one when you see one.

Hyposurface display makes walls dance and look pretty.
Trippy experiences can be had without intoxication. Just find crazy artists.

Guy from Orlando exchanges surface-to-air missile launcher for Reeboks.
The things you find out in the back shed…

Church gives out iTunes vouchers.
Wonder if these vouchers lock out the ‘unsavoury’ content?