Epson V200 scanner: nice, if you still need a scanner

We heard about the V500 from the mothership (local RRP $499), and now Epson has sent us news of their new Perfection V200 Photo slimline scanner, designed for home use. It’s fast, it’s high-res (4800dpi), and it does negs, slides or even big books that used to get caught under stupid scanner lids that wouldn’t move out of the way. Available now at $249 RRP.

Quick poll: hands up if you still scan things? Hands down if you’re only talking about your face, or your cat? Yeah, thought so, pretty much nobody. I reckon if you still have film photos lying around, or still take photos, you should just pay your local film lab to do your scans. Don’t you have better things to take up desk space with? Like a third monitor? Mmmmm… more screen real estate…

For those who do have the inclination to scan (all you budding artists, no doubt), the full details are after the bump.

Epson PerfectionT V200 Photo: affordable high-performance scanner

Sydney, 23 August 2007: Epson has released the new Perfection V200 Photo scanner, a sleek and stylish slimline scanner priced and designed with the home user in mind.

The Epson Perfection V200 Photo has a high optical resolution of 4800 x 9600dpi produced by 12 lines of Advanced Matrix CCD (Charged Coupled Device) incorporating Epson’s Micro Lens technology.

The greater light sensitive capabilities of Advanced Matrix CCD technology produce better image quality with reduced image noise and a better dynamic range. Epson then takes CCD technology one step further by incorporating micro lenses on every CCD Chip, which enables greater light intensity to be captured resulting in superior image reproduction.

With an optical density of 3.2Dmax, the Perfection V200 Photo can capture a wide tonal range of colours creating the greatest level of detail in highlight and shadow areas.

The Perfection V200 Photo has an integrated transparency unit and versatile film holder delivering flexibility and power with the ability to scan 6 frames of 35mm filmstrip and 4 frames of 35mm mounted slides and producing better quality scans in as little as 16 seconds*.

The Perfection V200 Photo has an extendable lid that opens a full 180 degrees to scan large documents and with the lid closed it can scan items up to 25mm thick. For easy use the Perfection V200 Photo’s straightforward design features a four-button operation panel that includes a start button, copy button, scan to email button and scan to PDF button.

To improve functionality for home and SOHO use, the Epson Perfection V200 Photo comes with a range of software. Epson Scan enables consumers to restore faded photos, removes dust and correct defects to create quality images, ArcSoft PhotoImpression is a user-friendly photo editing software and ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus is an OCR reader that transforms documents into editable computer files with ease. The Perfection V200 Photo has USB2.0 connectivity and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

The Epson Perfection V200 Photo scanner is RRP $249 including GST and is available now through Epson dealers.

* For further information see