Howard to blow $90m on porn filters

Tee hee. Blow. Late last week the govt announced their biggest crackdown on net nasties since Alston’s heyday – and boy did that first effort work a treat. A $189m package to cut the porn, the child sex predators, and bad language. Yes, bad language – that’s going to be managed by a virtual bar of soap, swimming through the tubes washing the mouths of Australians who think it is clever to cuss others out. Game servers everywhere are on notice.

I’m all for cracking down on the predators. Castration by brick or rusty knife is suitable punishment for those animals. So $40m on that front for the fed police is all good.

But $90m for home filtering software?Plus, forcing ISPs to offer provider-level filtration on request? Have they done any more research on this than just market research how Liberal voters like the idea of such a concept? Newsflash: IT. DOESN’T. WORK!

There is no filter that will ever be a match for some parental involvement, just like TV. Odds are the kids know more about the software and network than the parents do, and they’ll have that shit[CENSORED]bypassed quicker than a quick thing.

Needless to say, ISPs aren’t too happy about the whole idea either.