In case you missed it: Lotus Exige police car


This was a story back in February, but in case you missed it, this is the Lotus Exige that is part of the NSW patrol fleet. I’d like to take it seriously, but that yellow paint job is hideous. Seriously, guys, this is meant to give off a “don’t fuck with me” vibe. Gotta be black, or midnight blue with some white stylised check like that concept Holden. But yellow?

Actually, how awesome would it have been to get the call that this was to be your new patrol car. If that was me, I’d be breaking out the shades and either going Speed Racer style police wardrobe or maybe ultra-casual civilian attire, ready to get called into the chief’s office to ge chewed out for not operating by the book in my quest to take down the gang lords of Kings Cross. Or something like that.

But yellow? Ungh.

[Pick found here at Car Advice]