Asus Eee PC goes dumbass ‘special tender’ release

Why, why, why, why, why, why WHY??!?? First it was the Samsung Q1 UMPC that pulled the special release move, and now the word from Asus is that the Eee PC UMPC will be available by ‘special tender’ only. I can’t begin to describe how pissed I am at these kinds of releases… if you can call them releases at all?

Yes, fine. It’s an immature market. You probably won’t sell many at retail. But give us early adopters a chance to fall in love and spread the joy to the rest of the world!

If you are the type who has access to ‘special tender’ ordering – whatever that is – then you should be able to get your hands on an Eee PC around October/November.

UPDATE (09:25): Just to clarify, we don’t know what the international release status will be, but this is the word we have on how it will become available in Australia. So you may find it on shelves when next you hit Hong Kong or something, but in Australia, it’s special access only.