Aussie iPhone Unlock crisis averted, now ‘delivering’ pre-ordered IPSF

Things got pretty messy there at Aussie iPhone Unlock, and probably many other resellers who set up pre-orders for the iPhone SIM Free pay-for-play unlock software. IPSF got a few licenses out before the free unlock appeared, and suddenly their model of selling licenses to third-party resellers made sense. They were protected from a direct customer backlash as the delays saw people’s cash wasted on an unlock that arrived (and is still only just arriving) after a free option was live online.As mentioned earlier, there was even some very nasty dealings with a fake unlock dev. Latest news is that Angus has received licenses from IPSF and is starting to deliver them to the 500(?) buyers. Refund requests are being denied, which is fair enough (didn’t I say caveat emptor the first time?) as he’s delivering exactly what he offered now – though he was in a pretty dodgy position when he just linked a free unlock.

I’ve asked Angus to comment on where things are at, but I didn’t hear anything before he had to head off to school for the day. If you pre-ordered a license, suck it up. If you waited as suggested, go spend that $60 on a little gift to yourself.