Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night

Supercomputing on a budget.
26.25 Teraflops from four microATX / dual core hook ups. Some real mojo there.

Google Phone all but confirmed…
Om Malik shares five ‘facts’ from a ‘reliable source’.

Think Secret practically promises iPod Touch/Nano tomorrow.
I guess we’ll find out by this time tomorrow!

Germans plan colossal new Great Pyramid.
For burials and everything. 100x bigger than ‘the’ Great Pyramid. I call nuts.

California bans mandatory subdermal RFID tagging.
Nice pre-emptive strike against Big Brother corporations, and for the ultra paranoid.

Toyota releases US$300 iPod integration kit for all current model cars.
Official integration for the price of an actual iPod? I’ll stick with my DLO kit.

[Eggs thanks to Malias]