Hug a TV network: support the new seasons?

We’re starting to see a very welcome pattern on TV right now. As show seasons kick off in the USA this time of year, it seems our local networks are finally aligning a few of the big draw shows with the overseas schedules – instead of the tradition of making us wait six months before we get to see them here. Damages, Dexter, Heroes, and plenty more have started or will start locally in coming weeks.

Are you going to show them some love and watch on TV instead of download? Or PVR instead of download? Or will you stick to your regularly scheduled download routines? I for one plan on showing some love, though it will be interesting to see what happens when we hit summer non-ratings time. The US shows usually take a break over December too, but if we never fall too far behind I might be convinced to set my IceTV rather than my Torrents. Should a major cliff hanger pop up, though…