TEN joins the Foxtel EPG, Seven still sulking

foxtel.jpgQuietly over the weekend (far as I can tell), Network TEN has joined the Foxtel EPG. It’s been a long running ‘negotation’, but finally Foxtel users, and iQ users in particular, gain the benefit of actually seeing the stations programming in the schedule. Can any satellite users out there tell us whether this means you’re now receiving TEN on your box?

UPDATE (10:44): Confirmed by Giz readers that satellite subscribers are now receiving TEN too. Thanks folks!

So it’s now just Channel Seven still holding out on Foxtel. Not sure whether the bad blood over the C7 sport court case is going to cloud their judgment on the value of being part of the system, but if their TiVo deal is going to get a universal EPG I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn up on there sometime soon as well. Let’s hope, anyway.