Custom MP3 carhorns to annoy the masses

Sarah at Lifehacker AU spotted this pearler, though she takes more of a ‘oh dear god no’ position whereas I take a ‘greatest aftermarket car mod ever’ position.

The Horntones FX-550 MP3 carhorn. Oh yes, now you can load MP3s into your car for use as a carhorn. Decisions, decisions. What tracks could best reflect the emotive decision to bash the horn on your car? Something with some double kick pedal drive would have to do the trick.

Not sure how you load in new tracks, but it looks like you can easily choose from a range of sounds so you can hit the right emotional chord. Actually, I’d like some 8-bit game tracks in there. The Pac-Man level break would be an awesome horn tone. [Horntones via Lifehacker AU]