iiNet first to go the nudie run with Naked DSL

naked-dsl.jpgThe ads are popping up all over (even here) with the news that iiNet has really, truly, rooly launched naked ADSL services. Starting from $49.95, you can now get ADSL2+ from iiNet and you don’t have to pay the line rental tax to do so. The intro plan gives 2GB+2GB, and then plans range up to $119.95 for a 65GB+65GB option. I think the prices do get a little hot a little too quickly for the usage limits on offer, but this is still a good deal considering you aren’t adding dollars for a phone you never use (or don’t want to use, but use now and then because it is there – and that just costs you more dollars).

The deal also includes unlimited local and national VoIP calls through iiNet’s VoIP service. Gravy on top, and perhaps that is the key to why the plans are higher than my brain was expecting. Will be very interesting to see how the competition positions when TPG and Internode, and no doubt others, start to offer their plans in coming months.

I’m shocked we haven’t seen the iiNet guy wearing nothing but an ADSL router! C’mon, iiNet, the joke needs to be done. Actually, lets hope they hold a press event at a strip joint. Hey, it’s a better excuse than some I’ve heard!

[Full naked iiNet plan details]