Plantronics .Audio 365 Gaming Headset (Verdict: Awesome value)

plantronicsAudio365.jpgThe last of our batch o’ Plantronics headsets, the 365 is all about teh gamerz. Two things strike me pretty – the auto fit headband which sits very comfortably, and the deep cans. For good audio, particularly spatial gaming audio, it’s all about the deep cans. Semi-open backs are also a personal favourite too, but that side can come down to personal preference.

My all-time favourite gaming headset is the Steelsound 5Hv2, and this set is very similar in style to those. The Steelsound has an edge with its awesome mic design, which stows away into the can and completely out of the way when you don’t need it. They’re $149.

The Plantronics 365s retail for around $60-70, less than half the price of the 5Hv2s. Excellent price point, good performance. A very tidy option indeed. [Plantronics]