Pokémon Manaphy downloadable in JB Hi-Fi starting Wednesday

manaphy.jpgLooking to grab a rare pokémon and Chreish Ball for that ever expanding Pokédex of yours? As part of promos for the new Pokémon movie (oh, lord, another one befouls our cinemas) which stars the “mysterious” Manaphy, from 7-13 November you can take your DS into any JB Hi-Fi to grab the download for nix. All you need is a DS, a copy of Diamond or Pearl, and a Pokédex. If you’re having problems, we’ve been told staff will be able to assist. Or you can make absolutely sure of what you’re meant to do by checking this page at Nintendo’s site.

For the details freaks, Manaphy has an ‘exclusive’ move called Heart Swap, which switches healing effects with other Pokémon. What this means in practice beats me — maybe an ‘in the know’ reader will share some thoughts. I figure most people who play Pokémon get seriously hooked, so if that means you, make sure you use this one week window to catch another for your collection. You don’t want this gap in your Pokédex, do you? DO YOU? [The official Manaphy website]

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