Spirohop is the outdoor kids’ ride-on toy of the summer

spirohop.jpgIt bounces, it spins, it see-saws. The Spirohop must, must, MUST come to Australia. Pleeeeease??!

Take your typical see-saw, add the bouncy goodness off the classic spacehopper, and then let the whole thing spin on its axis. If they made these in grown up sizes, I’d be outside playing on one right now instead of in here staring at computer screens.

Cue Demtel voice. How much would you expect to pay? This is listed at £69.99, or about $160. The site says they’ll ship international, so even wearing some hefty shipping charges, this ride-on will be such a hit all summer it will be well worth the dosh. [Spirohop via BabyGadget]