Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night


USB Wine Gets You Digitally Drunk
Anyone speak French? What are they saying? WHERE DOES THE ALCOHOL COME FROM???

Playing With Pleo the Pet Camarasaurus (Verdict: Neat but Pricey)
Well, sure, who doesn’t want a small yet expensive, electronic, lazy-arse dinosaur for a pet?

Rayzer Triples Driving Visibility, Surprised Deers
For those who think using high beams on urban roads just aren’t annoying enough.

Sasumamta: the Japanese Self-Defense Pole
Surely a taser would be more practical.

Pig Toy Gets Completely Squashed, Raises Like Terminator T1000
Meh. They’re everywhere in China, in a variety of cute and dirty forms.

Drew Curtis Says NFSW Trademark Application is a Prank
We’re all laughing with you, Drew.