Motorola Bluetooth roundup

Sure, they may be suffering at a little bit of a loss financially, but Motorola’s latest Bluetooth lineup is pretty cool. For Bluetooth, I mean. They’ve got an entire range of Bluetooth earpieces available (pics and info after the jump), plus their S9 stereo Bluetooth and iPod adapter bundle. H12_headset_3qtr.jpgThe MOTOPURE H12 is their flagship earpiece (yes, you can have a flagship earpiece) and retails for $159.95. The H680 comes in two versions (the second being a frosted finish targeted towards the ladies) which retail for $119.95/$129.95(frosted). Both the H12 and the H680 headsets come with a nifty little charging case, which holds the earpiece magnetically and connect via micro-USB. Finally, the H375 is their entry level headset at the appealing pricepoint of $69.95.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still not convinced on the whole Bluetooth earpiece thing. Having said that, I do love the Motorola S9 headphones, which double as a handsfree kit for your mobile and cans for your music. They come bundled with the D650 iPod adapter for $249.95.