Pretend You’re Important With The Buffalo Skype Keyboard

Buffalo-keyboard-with-Skype-phone.jpgTechnology is supposed to make life better, right? So in a world where most computers have a built in microphone, built-in speakers, Bluetooth and god knows how many other ways to communicate over VoIP, why would anybody want a keyboard with a phone built in?

Not only that, but the phone is tiny. Look at it – it makes me think of small children and oompa loompas.

We’ve seen Skype-enabled mice before, and we had similar reservations. On the positive side, it is Skype certified, so expect no problems when you use it to call the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz (who, obviously, will have one of their own). It also features a full 109 key board for typing. Or it will, when it launches in Japan in October.
[Dvice via Apartment Therapy]