Aussie Design Students Kick Ass, This Time on Scooter


So you know all those funky concept designs we’ve been seeing lately, like the Air Line clothes dryer, the collapsible surfboard and the Lightway window lighting design? They’ve all been created by Australian students and are finalists in the Dyson Australian Design Awards.

Alongside these entries are a heap of more practical, less gadgety designs, and this, the Evo Scooter. Like the MIT Electro-scooter we saw back in November last year, this portable transport device folds up nicely into a portable package that you can carry with you everywhere. While it lacks the motor that the MIT design has, it makes up for it in its awesome looks and lightweight build.

I don’t spend a lot of time riding tyhe trains anymore, but if I did, this could be the perfect tool to get me from my 9am at Martin Place to my 10:30 at Town Hall (I’m Sydney based, obviously. you can insert your own CBD areas accordingly). Until everybody’s riding Segways, that is.


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