Brunch Wrap: Best of the Weekend

Breakfast wrap is a bit of a brunch wrap today, thanks to Server 1’s untimely passing on Friday. God, how I miss him…

Sony Ericsson’s complete new lineup
Exciting times for mobile phones

Polaroid Instant film killed by the 21st century
I’d suggest hitting ebay and buying as much polaroid film as you can – in 40 years it will be worth a mint!

Samurai Stormtroopers Hunt Down and Exterminate Ninja Jedis
It’s always the same story, even in a universe close to home

XEL-1 Sony’s first OLED TV reviewed by Sound and Image (The bastards)
A few of you saw this at last year’s Experience More event… What do you guys think of the review?

Modern Boat Homes to Survive Rising Sea Level
Water views takes on a whole new meaning in real estate

Knee brace charges your mobile phone
Turns you into a cyborg… what’s not to like about this?