Breakfast Wrap: Best of the (Long) Weekend

breakfast-pancakes.jpgWhile we were off scoffing our Darrell Lea nougat-filled Easter eggs, the guys at the US branch of Gizmodo have turned out approximately two million stories over the long weekend. Here are some of the highlights:


Every South Park Ever Online for Free (Legally!)

Though you have to watch them on a PC.


LEGO Futurama Fan Set Makes Official Line a Must

The epitome of nerdiness. I totally want one.


Broken ATM Doubles Withdrawals (While Supplies Last)

If only they all worked like that.


Sony Has the Balls to Charge You $50 to Not Install Bloatware on Your New PC

…and the embarrassing backdown:

Sony Shamed Into Making ‘Fresh Start’ Free


5 Takes on Windows Vista SP1

Not exactly the response Microsoft was hoping for.


Emirates the First Airline to Allow Inflight Calls from Passenger Mobile Phones

Of course, if you want to fly in peace you may want to now avoid Emirates.