iPhone In Australia: Is It Optus Now?

iphone.jpgEven though we still have no idea when it will hit our shores, the rampant speculation about who will have the iPhone in Australia continues. Last week it was Telstra that was the favourite to have the iPhone in Australia, thanks to the news that Sensis is developing applications for the iPhone. This weeks it’s Optus, because it appears parent company SingTel has the Singaporean distribution rights for the iPhone sewn up, according to ChannelNews Asia.

In truth I doubt that this means anything. Apple is going to choose the provider that will pay it the most for the privilege of being able to sell the iPhone locally. Hell, you could even take this news as good for Telstra, since Apple chose the incumbent provider in Singapore rather than smaller startups like StarHub or MobileOne. In any case, the race is clearly still far from won. [CNET]