MSI Shows Off Eee PC Competitor

msi_netbook.jpgA few days ago we brought you the news that HP was horning in on Asus’ Eee PC racket; now it looks like MSI might be joining the fray as well. At CeBIT, it is showing off the MSI Wind, a subnotebook very much in the style of the Eee.

The 8-inch model is expected to cost less than 400 euros, and a 10-inch model will also be available for over 400 euros. The Wind will use Intel’s Atom processor at up to 1.66GHz, have a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 and 1GB of RAM standard. Flash memory or a 2.5in hard drive will serve for storage, there will be three USB ports, a six to seven-hour battery life and it will come with either Linux or Windows installed.

From these specs it’s pretty clear that the MSI Wind will have a bit more processing heft than the Eee, and it will be considerably more expensive. We have to wonder though: is there really a space between the Eee and the regular laptop PC that needs filling? Or is MSI just blowing Wind? [Engadget]

PC World Italy has exclusive photos here.