NSW Police Launch Internet Dob-In-A-Criminal Scheme

Security_cameras.jpgIn a move that seems more than a little reminiscent of the Stasi, the NSW Police have announced that they are setting up a Web site that encourages people to take and send in footage of lawbreakers in action, or so News.com.au is reporting.

The story is a little light on details, but it appears that since the Cronulla riots, the NSW Police have been working on Project VIEW, which is a plan to develop ways of harnessing the vast amount of AV material and pictures that are out there, but unsorted, unmanaged and unknown. They’d like to get the help of people who run CCTV cameras, have taken film or photos with mobile phones or otherwise have access to evidence of criminal behaviour. They plan to set up systems so that the cameras are catalogued and the footage accessible to the police.

It’s a scheme that I find more than a little worrying (as you might have guessed by the opening sentence of this post), although I also believe that it is possible to strike a balance. Here’s hoping that the NSW Police Force can do just that. [News.com.au]

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