Pioneer Makes Full HD Surround Sound Easy-ish


So many people forget that there’s much more to Hi-Def than just picture quality. The ability to listen to the movie’s soundtrack in lossless 7.1 surround sound is just as important, unless you happen to be slightly deaf, I guess.

So now that Blu-ray has trounced HD DVD, expect to see more surround sound packages like this one from Pioneer. As part of the LX range of products, which includes the best plasma TV ever, the HTP-LX70 is designed to compliment Pioneer’s top tier products.

It will decode Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD codecs hassle-free, and thanks to its three HDMI inputs, will scale video to 1080p on its way to your TV. Each of the speakers pumps out 50W, and the unit is also compatible with Pioneer’s iPod dock.

The setup will set you back $2,999, which isn’t bad considering it gives you pretty much everything you need to enjoy lossless surround sound. Now all you need is a full-profile Blu-ray player to go with it.