Kogan Releases Cheap HDTVs With Built-In DVD Players

kogan TV.jpg

We’ve seen Kogan’s stuff here before, but this deal almost appears too good to be true. They’ve just launched two LCD HDTVs, in both 19 and 22-inch models, which include a side loading DVD player, a built-in digital tuner, plus SUB and memory card slots for DiVX, AVI and.JPG file playback.

The price? It’s just $449 for the 19-inch and $599 for the 22-inch. The TV itself is a 1440 x 900 panel, which isn’t the normal size for a HD screen, but is still high-def. The set also includes a HDMI input for your HD device.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the quality won’t match, say, a Sony BRAVIA LCD. But then again, it’s a tiny fraction of the price. I’ve put in a request for a review unit – despite my reservations, part of me thinks this could be the ideal unit for a rumpus room, bedroom or games room. Stay tuned for the review…