Oh The Humanity! B&W Zeppelin Gets Priced For Australia

B&W make some awesome sounding speakers. Awesome sounding and awesome looking. So when the email saying their Zeppelin iPod dock was getting an Australian release, there was a certain amount of nervous excitement at the possibility of owning one.

All that came crashing to the ground in a pile of burnt hopes and tattered dreams when I saw the price, though. It will cost you $999.95 to own one of these docks. That’s a grand of your hard-earned cash. Or put another way, the same amount of money could buy you 15 iPod Shuffles, five iPod Nanos, three iPod Classics or two iPod Touches.

What makes this more offensive is that our American cousins can pick up the same product for US$599.95 on Amazon. That’s about $645 at current exchange rates.

If you’re an Australian B&W fan, you have every right to feel ripped off here. Of course, if you are an Australian B&W fan, you could probably afford the grand without batting an eyelid.