Foxtel HD Pricing Unveiled: $10 Per Month For iQ2 and $15/Month For All Four HD Channels

UPDATE 2: We just had a phone call from a Foxtel spokesperson who said that the pricing below has been sent out to people who registered their details on the Foxtel HD site. When asked if the pricing would be the same for regular peeps, we were told “You could presume so”.

We also asked about when the service would be available, both to people who registered and the rest of us. They wouldn’t give us a firm date for either other than “before the end of the financial year” although they did say that the registered people would get priority. Commenter “Jones” has told us that he’s got his installation booked for June 2, so it looks like that’s the earliest it’s going to happen.

UPDATE: Although we still haven’t heard from Foxtel, this is looking legit – the info came from the Foxtel newsletter, and according to members on the DTV forums, you can sign up to have the iQ2 installed from the first week of June.

We’ve been hanging out for some pricing info on Foxtel’s HD service since January, and eagle-eyed reader David just received some fairly detailed HD pricing on the Foxtel HD website. Sadly, when I went to check on the site myself, the HD pages wouldn’t load, and Foxtel themselves haven’t confirmed or denied the pricing yet. So at the moment, take these figures as rumour, although hopefully we’ll get some confirmation soon.

From the looks of things, it will set you back $200 to upgrade to the iQ2 box, then $10 per month to keep it, which isn’t too bad considering the original iQ is $10 per month for platinum subscribers or $15 per month for everybody else. For a fresh install it’s a $299 fee for your first month of HD+, including the Platinum package.

Package-wise, you’re looking at $9.95 per month for the HD sports channels (includes Fox Sports HD, ESPN HD and access to HD movies On Demand), which interestingly requires you to have the My Sport Package to be eligible.  For the complete HD lineup, it’s $14.95 per month, but it appears to also require subscription to either  the My Escape, My Playtime or My World SD packages.

The other alternative is to opt for the HD Platinum package, which gives you everything – all Foxtel channels, the full range of HD channels and the iQ2 Box, plus two On Demand Movies – for $130.90 per month.

Hit the jump for a shot of the (rumoured) pricing details:


Or here’s the original Foxtel_Pricing_and_Packaging.pdf
[Thanks David!]