TDK Join The Environmentally Friendly Packaging Movement

87366 DVD-R front.jpg

Every year, millions of plastic CD and DVD cases and unrecyclable plastic spindles are thrown into landfill. It’s a tragic prctice that will single-handedly create the downfall of the human race, unless something is done about it.

TDK know this, so they’re now releasing their recordable CDs and DVDs in environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable cardboard filing drawers, which not only save the planet from plastic landfill-related end-of-the-world scenarios, but can be used as an easy-access filing method for your discs.

The only downside is that this is actually a limited time promotion – although if its successful, TDK will consider saving the world all the time, not just at the end of the financial year.

A 100 pack of CDs will set you back $35, while recordable DVDs (both +R and -R) will cost you $50.