19th Century Blogs Now Available Online

You may have noticed that we’ve got a bit of a Windows Vista takeover happening at the moment on Gizmodo. Part of that is having a hub dedicated to Vista, where Microsoft’s “Professional Geek” Nick Hodge is blogging about helpful Vista features. One of the things he’s mentioned – Turning the Pages 2.0 – is actually pretty awesome.

Essentially, it’s digitised versions of 19th century (and older) diaries, books and records that you can read and flick through using Silverlight (there’s also a plain Vista version as well). It’s been done in conjunction with the British Library, and offers 15 of the library’s most precious books up for you to read.

I hope that one day, in 150 years time, whatever technology has replaced blogs will come up with some awesome method of rediscovering everything you’re reading today on Giz AU.

[Turning The Pages 2.0 via Giz AU’s Vista Hub]