UPDATED: What Happened To Optus’ Pre-Paid iPhone 3G Offer?

iphone optus.pngBefore the iPhone launched back in July, Optus made a big deal about the fact that they were offering the phone to pre-paid customers as well as on contract. But now, just two short months later, it seems that Optus have quietly decided to stop selling the iPhone outright for pre-paid customers.

Reader David was told when he went to purchase a pre-paid iPhone from Optus’ Ringwood store that “all new iPhones will be on contract”. And a quick look at the Optus website shows that any option for pre-paid iPhone pricing has disappeared.

Naturally, we’ve contacted Optus for some clarification on the issue, and we’re still waiting to hear back. While we wait, has anybody else tried to pick up an Optus pre-paid iPhone only to face the bitter taste of rejection?

UPDATE: I’ve just heard back from Optus – turns out that you can still pick up a pre-paid iPhone 3G, but only from the George street Optus Store in Sydney. Apparently it’s got something to do with stock issues, but when asked whether or not it was a permanent change, we got the old “no comment”.

We’ll keep you updated with any further developments – but if you happen to want a pre-paid iPhone from Optus and you don’t live in Sydney, looks like you’re out of luck.

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