Blackjack 2 Finally Lands In Oz

i617T.jpgIt’s been just over 12 months since we first saw the Blackjack 2 appear on Giz AU, and now we’re finally getting a version released locally. Available on Telstra, the Samsung i617T has push email, qwerty keypad, A-GPS, 2MP snapper, 4GB Expandable memory and multimedia recording and playback (both MP3s and videos.)

It also runs Windows Mobile 6.1, which for some people make it extremely attractive. For others it means a quick trip running to the hills, screaming like children that the Windows Mobile OS monster has claimed another victim.

If you’re in the former category, the phone is $0 upfront on a $30 plan or $589 outright. If you’re in the latter, you’re probably feeling smug in the comforting glow of your iPhone right about now, so we’ll leave you alone.

The freedom to work anywhere

The SAMSUNG i617T is the ultimate stylish business Smart phone for people on-the-go. Its one-stop Mobile Office capabilities are perfect for those needing a phone to support their demanding lifestyles on a smaller budget.

With all the applications you would need from a Smart phone and more – including Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system, Direct Microsoft Push Email, full over the air mobile synchronisation of PIMS (contacts, calendar, tasks and files) and Microsoft Live Messenger, the jog wheel and full QWERTY keyboard ensures that any document can be edited quickly and efficiently on the move.

Last year Smart phones featuring the Microsoft Operating System represented 12.5% of Smart phone sales globally, and their popularity is growing. By 2009, sales of Microsoft Smart phones are projected to increase by 207%*.

“SAMSUNG views the Microsoft operating system as a key differentiator and a benefit for Business users in particular. We already offer the widest range of Windows Mobile devices and intend to significantly accelerate our share of Business Smart phone sales over the next 12 months.” said Jenny Good ridge, Head of Marketing, SAMSUNG Mobile.

The SAMSUNG i617T offers 3.6Mbps HSDPA plus Triband UMTS (3G) making international roaming a breeze for the businessperson travelling overseas.

Impressively, the SAMSUNG i617T also offers you a range of multimedia capabilities including:
· Built in A-GPS support
· 2 Mega pixel camera
· Video recorder and player
· Stereo MP3 player

All of these features can easily be seen and on the Samsung i617T’s 2.4″ QVGA TFT display and stored on the 4GB expandable memory.

* Gartner Dataquest, December 2007